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Hi, I’m Jaylee! I love math and I have also learned to love myself. In my experience, the skill of loving myself has served me much more than my math skills have.

So, because I love math and I also know how valuable it is to have a strong relationship with myself, I created Middleton Math to help children and teens learn to love themselves through the experience of learning math.

Everything in life (including math) is easier when you love yourself, so I design every class and video to help my students strengthen their relationship with themselves as they learn math.

My hope is that, as a result of taking my math classes, my students love themselves a little more every day and that they enjoy math more because they took my class.

I’m excited to help make math easy for your family!

Online Math Courses

The best way to learn math is by playing math and exploring patterns with curiosity and creativity. So, in my online math courses, we play math and explore mathematical concepts through Dungeons-and-Dragons style adventures.

I also provide daily video tutorials with a lot of visuals to show my students why we do math calculations the way we do. Each of the daily tutorials comes with a worksheet and answer key so the students can practice what they learned.

What is Included in the Courses?

Weekly Math Adventures on Zoom

Daily Video Tutorials

Daily Worksheets with Answer Keys

Teacher Support

What Courses are Offered?

I currently offer 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math classes and a Kindergarten – 2nd Grade parent course. Next year, I will be offering 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math classes and I plan to offer high school math courses the following year.

Click the buttons below to get more information about each class and register.

Middle School and High School

My middle school and high school courses are currently under construction.

If you’d like me to let you know when these courses launch, sign up here:

Free Math Adventures

I often offer free math adventures so that students can experience what a math adventure is like and because playing math is fun! I rotate between offering math adventures for elementary, middle, and high school students so there is something for everyone.

Online Math Tutoring

If you are enrolled in another math class and you’d like to schedule an online tutoring session with me, head over to MathTutoringOnline.com and check out my tutoring packages.

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