Middleton Math

Parent Class

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


In the Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Parent Course, you will learn how to play math with your young children in a way that helps them build a strong foundation of conceptual understanding.

As part of this course, you will have access to a weekly parent coaching call with me and the rest of the parents in the course to learn about the philosophy of teaching math to young children and common misconceptions that children have and how to address them. This coaching call will be recorded if you are unable to attend.

You will also receive weekly emails with a checklist of activities so you know exactly what to do with your child every day to build their conceptual understanding of numbers, shape, and patterns. I will also provide access to a variety of worksheets so that your child will have lots of practice as they master the basics.

The cost of the Kindergarten-2nd Grade Parent Class is $650 per year. Because this year is the first year I am offering it and it is a pilot course, I am offering a $300 discount.

About My Teaching Philosophy

My goal in all of my math classes is to make fun and easy and engaging. The principles that I use to do this are playfulness, visualization, curiosity, application, and mastering the basics. To learn more about how these principles can be applied in a math lesson, check out my Art of Playing Math parent seminar.

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